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We offer aggressive dog training in Holland, MI

Too many dogs end up in the shelter because of aggressive behavior-but it doesn't have to be this way. Many dog owners come to Phantom K-9 LLC to teach their dogs to be calm and friendly. Our aggressive dog training helps to reduce extreme territorial and rough behavior.

Typically, dogs exhibit two kinds of aggression: toward other dogs, and toward people. We recommend you bring your dog to aggression training if you notice that:

  • Your dog tries to bite when you get near their toys or food bowl
  • Your dog chases after other dogs
  • Your dog growls at people
  • Your dog panics when people walk past

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You'll be impressed by our selection of training classes for aggressive dogs. We'll board your dog for three weeks, during which we will conduct four private lessons with you present. Once we get your dog comfortable with us, we can correct the bad behavior, teach good behaviors and test them to make sure they're learning.

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